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Aviator 3D printing

Homelander bust replica

Homelander bust replica

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“You people are the real heroes!”

Homelander from the wildly popular TV show The Boys, has made his grand entrance at Aviator 3D Printing.

Behold this exquisitely crafted 3D Printed bust replica of Homelander, meticulously capturing his sinister smile. This Masterpiece comes in 2 different finishes. Choose the fitting shining gold chrome, radiating an aura of power and prestige. Or opt for raw print, a blank canvas awaiting your own artistic touch.

This Bust will arrive in 2 pieces, the body, and the base. When combined it stands at 11 inches tall, and sits at almost 8 inches wide!

With this remarkable piece, you can bring Homelander into your space, or give it to someone special and leave everyone in awe. This Homelander bust is a Must-have for any collector or enthusiast. In the production of 3D printing, it is common to encounter subtle imperfections and color disparities in the material from the process. However, we are committed to minimizing these irregularities through the use of superior quality materials and cutting-edge printers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of The Boys ‘universe. Step into the world of Aviator 3D Printing and let Homelander’s charisma and menace grace your presence.

This 3D print is made from PLA and was created using Eastman 3D’s Original file and has been Licensed to be sold in physical form only. The original 3D file will not be sold, or given away to anyone, for any reason. Raw 3D prints will be made in a random color to speed up processing time. If you have a specific color in mind, Reach out, and we will try to accommodate request!

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