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Aviator 3D printing

Mythosaur Skull Star Wars decoration

Mythosaur Skull Star Wars decoration

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This Star Wars inspired tiki decorative and stylized Mythosaur skull will make a fun and unique gift for anyone who loves the galaxy far far away.

This item is a physical 3D print and comes in 2 variations.

Available variations: 

Painted: Is painted in silver and black will look like the listed photo. It will feature a matte clear coated to protect the paint

Unpainted DIY kit: Printed in a random color that we already have on hand, for faster shipping. (Want a specific color? Message prior to purchase and we will try to accommodate) All sanding, gluing, painting etc., is completed by you.

In the production of 3D printed objects, it is common to encounter subtle imperfections and color disparities in the material from the process. However, we are committed to minimizing these irregularities through the use of superior quality materials and cutting-edge printers.

This 3D print is made from PLA and was created using Hex 3D's Original file and has been Licensed to be sold in physical form only. The original 3D file will not be sold, or given to anyone, for any reason. If you have a specific color in mind besides the color seen in the photos, reach out, and we will try to accommodate request!

Please note:

This is not designed to be a toy. 

--Legal Notice--

This is not an officially licensed product. It is only considered FAN ART. Fan Art is protected under Fair Use.

Original character/prop and all rights for this character/prop belongs to Disney Enterprises, INC, and Lucas Film LTD 

Aviator 3D Printing LTD is not affiliated with, nor own copyrights related to Star Wars or Disney. Our props and decorations are purely for fun and decoration.

Our products are ecofriendly and made from biodegradable, non-toxic, and renewable sources.

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